Yes.. YOU. Right now as you read this He loves you, with your faults and failures. God knows you and the amazing thing about God is that even tho He's seen you at your best and worst, the good the bad and the ugly, His love for you has never changed.

We may change, people may change on us but God never does. God is so so so.. in love with you that 2000+ years ago He made a plan to reunite you back to Himself. But I have to tell you something about God that a lot of people can forget about. You see God is a King, matter a fact He's the KING of kings and Lord of lords. He's the creator of the universe. And I say all that to let you know that God isn't someone you should take lightly. You see God is a Perfect King and to live by His standards He requires perfection. But since the beginning of the earth man and woman have been disobedient to God and when you disobey God its a sin and God hates sin for two reasons.

1. He's The Sovereign King and you don't disobey Kings. It's like you disobeying your parents, your teacher, a police officer, a judge or your gang leader but x1 trillion

2. Sin is the very thing that separated us from God and to sin against God means death. Like I said its a trillion times worse than disobeying your parents or the law and getting a smack on the hand or locked up. You die for sinning against God and not only die, you go to hell( but wait!! remember this is good news so wait for the good news).

So because God knew that we couldn't keep to His perfect standards and we would all end up going to hell. He made a plan.. a crazy plan to show you that He loves you so much. Here it is, THE GOOD NEWS, Gods plan.. God loves you so much that He sent His only begotten Son Jesus to come to earth, be born by the virgin Mary, to grow up and teach us the way to live life how it was meant to be lived and then He willingly gave His life for us. Jesus paid the death sentence you should have paid for your sins. God put the punishment for your sins on His own Son Jesus so you wouldn't have to take it. And He done it because He loves you and wants to reunite you back to Himself so He can give you the life He intended you to have, and what He wants in return is that you believe in Him and what Jesus done for you at the cross. Confess your sins to Him ask for forgiveness. The bible says in 1 John 1:9 if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Turn from your sinful ways and follow Him, you wont regret it.  And that's the Good News. 


- How can God love me? I've done too much wrong.. 

- How do you know The Bible is true and reliable?

- If God is real why doesn't He stop all the evil in the world..?

- If God loves us why do we suffer and go through pain..?

- What makes Christianity different to other religions.?

- What makes Christianity different to other religions.? ( 2 )

- Does the Bible line up with science ?

- Does the Bible line up with science ( 2 ) ? 

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