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Tracey Verwey Ministries

Tracey travels and preaches locally, nationally and internationally, bringing prophetic insights of The Lord's word to churches and conferences. Tracey has developed credibility across the Body of Christ as a dynamic communicator of God’s Word, moving in the power of the mighty Holy Spirit. Tracey has spiritual sons and daughters and identifies Leaders in their calling in Churches across the world. She also assists Pastors in building Churches.


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Heaven's Harvest 

Heaven’s Harvest is an evangelistic ministry founded by Jacqui Ford. Heaven’s Harvest is fulfilling the great commission, saving souls, discipling people & investing in feeding programs in developing Nations. Jacqui works with local ministries in South Asia to build sustainable Kingdom infrastructure for neglected & abused children to give them a better future.


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Jesus Ministries Unlimited

Jesus Ministries Unlimited founded by Dorothy Mauri who has an amazing cake baking business. She creates the best cakes in Australia and uses the money from her cakes to feed the homeless and to help people in need. This is an amazing ministry to support and connect with.


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